Marina Taliadourou and Giannis Vlantonopoulos in the art studio 1260ºCeramic studio on Santorini island,
create unique handcrafted decoration and tableware ceramic objects using distinctive techniques.
Their designs and forms are inspired from the life and  nature of Santorini. The black volcanic earth, the red terracotta,
the blue of the sea, the white and the red-orange color of the sunset.
They uniquely combine free, organic forms outlining the distinct sense of the object’s shape with strong, modern, linear forms.
Their  work includes once-fired high temperature ceramics (1260ºC) decorated by porcelain and olive ash glazes,
ceramics fired in technique of raku and unique tableware pots.

Each ceramic artifact is the result of personal design and meticulous work made by hand in every stage of the process.